Kentucky Gambler Punch

Instructions: Peel the lemons and place the peels into the punch bowl with the sugar. Pick 10 sprigs of mint and place into the punch bowl with the lemon peel. Brew tea directly into a punch bowl with lemon peel, sugar, mint, and lemon juice, and mix well. Juice the peeled lemon into the punch […]

Infused Coffee Cake

🥃 Using a wooden pick, straw, or back of a spoon, gently poke holes evenly across the top of the coffee cake (depending on the size of your cake there should be anywhere from 6-12 holes) 🥃 Evenly pour the Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey over the top of the cake and cover until ready to serve!

Espresso Martini

Recipe (one cocktail / double for 2 people): Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker and then add ice. Shake for 30 seconds and use strainer to pour into martini glass. Shave chocolate over cocktail and then garnish with espresso beans and mint leaves and enjoy!

Chocolate Mint

To make, simply combine 1/2 oz. Ballotin Chocolate Mint Whiskey, 1/2 oz. creme de menthe and 1/2 oz. milk in a cocktail shaker; shake over ice and pour into a chilled glass. Candy cane rim is not required, but highly recommended.

Peppermint Mocha Latte

In a heat-proof mug, combine Ballotin Chocolate Mint Whiskey, coffee or espresso chocolate syrup and optional mint extract. Heat briefly in the microwave – just enough to warm it up. Add steamed milk and stir again. Top with whipped cream and crushed candy cane pieces.

Ballotin Mint Hot Chocolate

Ballotin Mint Hot Chocolate

1 oz Ballotin Chocolate Mint Whiskey 1 cup hot chocolate Fill a mug with hot chocolate, add one ounce of Ballotin Chocolate Mint, stir and enjoy.

Ballotin Grasshopper

Ballotin Grasshopper

1 ½ oz Ballotin Chocolate Mint Whiskey splash of creme de menthe 2 oz milk          Shake with ice and strain into coupe glass.

Ballotin Mint Julep

Ballotin Mint Julep

3 oz Ballotin Chocolate Mint Crushed Ice 2 sprigs fresh mint Fill julep cup with crushed ice, add Ballotin Chocolate Mint and garnish with slapped mint sprigs.

Ballotin Mint Mule

Ballotin Chocolate Mint Mule

1 ½ oz Ballotin Chocolate Mint Whiskey 3 oz Ginger Beer Dash of bitters Pour Ballotin Chocolate Mint into an iced mule mug. Top with Ginger Beer and a dash of bitters. Garnish with a lime wedge.