Live Life a Little Sweeter.

Ballotin Whiskey Bottles

There are moments of our lives that aren’t measured in minutes or hours, but by the laughter around the table. The conversation that never lulls and the smiles that never fade. The jokes that haven’t aged a bit and the stories that never will. Our phones, our watches, that clock on the wall — just props.

And as we laugh and talk and joke and remember, our souls are shaped, dreams divined, futures fated. These are the moments that really do last forever — and when you find yourself in one, hang around a while. Ballotin is made of, and for these moments.

Inspired by a love of bourbon whiskey, a passion for chocolate, and an abiding dedication to bringing people together, Ballotin* Chocolate Whiskey was founded in 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky with a single focus: To produce elegant and delicious sipping whiskeys designed for flavor-craving friends. “Ballotin was created by bringing some of the subtler bourbon flavors that everyone loves, the chocolates, nuts, caramels, mints, and vanillas, into greater prominence and balance with the complementary flavors of traditional whiskeys. The result is a wonderful, approachable, drinkable whiskey that tastes like a whiskey expression of your favorite chocolate indulgences.”

*If you are wondering where the name comes from… In 1915, the wife of a Belgian Chocolatier invented a stylish box to present and sell her husband’s fine chocolate creations. She named that box a “Ballotin”, based on the French word, ballot, which means “a small package. Still today, that iconic, compartmentalized chocolate box remains a symbol of elegance and delight. Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey adds to that legacy of sophisticated indulgence with our Dangerously Good chocolate whiskies and whiskey creams.